Ellie Vilendrer's Negotiation Outcome at Harvard Advanced Negotiation Master Class

In 2015, Ellie Vilendrer negotiated the best outcome in a simulated negotiation among 60 elite, professional negotiators from around the world. Her results are depicted by the red dot.

Ellie Vilendrer's Negotiation Outcome at BYU Law School

Ellie Vilendrer negotiated, by far, the best outcome out of 46 JD and MBA students at BYU Law School's 2005 negotiation class. Her score is depicted at #16 in the far left up most corner. The Y axis depicts the benefit she derived for her client. The X axis depicts the savings her opponent derived for his client. The arrow represents additional value the parties were able to create in round two of the negotiation. (Ms. Vilendrer gave all the extra value she created in round two to her opponent to increase his satisfaction with the result.)