Negotiation Coaching

Negotiation is an integral part of doing business, and a critical skill for C-Suite executives looking to take their companies to the next level. We provide executive coaching services to help clients improve internal and external company relationships, navigate sensitive situations, and strategize for their toughest negotiations.  We coach our clients in presenting proposals to appeal to counter-parties, gaining leverage, and creating options and packages that maximize the value of the deal. Our clients learn strategies for negotiating optimal terms without jeopardizing lucrative deals.

Our one-on-one individualized executive coaching program includes:

  • Organizational and Personal Assessment (identification of strengths, weaknesses, and goal setting);
  • Coaching and Monitoring (formulating strategy, preparation and rehearsal for specific negotiations, real-time negotiation coaching); and
  • Analysis and Evaluation (debrief, reinforcement of positive skills and identification of areas of improvement)

Our coaching program also gives our clients access to watch our online negotiation course, our premium negotiation preparation tool, and weekly phone calls or Zoom meetings. Our 120-day program gives our clients the time they need to identify areas for improvement, learn new techniques, practice skills, and adopt better negotiating habits.

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  • Patricia Maya
    Thank you for one of the most insightful and helpful talks, I have ever experienced! You are such an inspiration.
    Patricia Maya
  • Frances Tang
    I recently attended an event where Ellie was on the panel, and she was by far my favorite speaker! Not only was she extremely clear and eloquent, she was a wealth of useful information, advice, and amazing statistics. Her background and experience give her a very valuable perspective, and I look forward to hearing her speak again.
    Frances Tang
  • Mary Cullen
    Ellie Vilendrer’s teaching on negotiation is in the class of excellence with the authors of Getting to Yes and Never Split the Difference. Ms. Vilendrer’s Negotiation webinar is sophisticated, practical, and insightful and her teaching and presentation skills are among the best.  You will be so glad you watched this webinar and you will want more.
    Mary Cullen
    Former Assistant General Counsel of Global Litigation and Dispute Resolution at 3M
  • Robert McKasson
    I've found Ellie Vilendrer's trainings to be 'head and shoulders' above what the industry usually provides. She provides useable and clear ways of implementing the unique information provided to her clients. Her visual aids, along with explanations make the information understandable and usable. I've never attended a training which comes close to her expertise.
    Robert McKasson
  • Charles A. Horowitz
    Outstanding!  Really impressive, full of useful information.  Nice balance of the conceptual and practical.  I’ll make sure to recommend it to others.
    Charles A. Horowitz
    Attorney at Law