About our Company

Thrivir (pronounced Thrīvēr) Corp's mission is to provide the highest quality training, coaching and consulting in the areas of negotiation strategy, conflict resolution, influence and ethical leadership to help our clients optimize deals and relationships.

Adept negotiators know that winning a negotiation starts long before the negotiators meet at the bargaining table. It starts with thoughtful and diligent preparation. It involves trying to understand the parties' interests, being able to quantify and prioritize those interests, coming up with options for mutual gains, and learning about the other party to make a meaningful connection. Moreover, skilled negotiators seek to increase the value of the deal, and distribute that value equitably. We use our deep negotiations knowledge and breadth of experience to help you thrive in all of your negotiations. Whether you want to increase your persuasive abilities, improve corporate capabilities, or resolve workplace conflict, Thrivir Corp can help you.

About the Founder

Ellie Vilendrer is a corporate attorney and business litigator, who has been highly successful in negotiating complex business deals and resolutions to domestic and international disputes. She is founder of Vilendrer Law, PC and formerly co-founder of an award-winning high-tech company, Hitsfu Corp.

Ms. Vilendrer has spent hundreds of hours of studying and training in the field of negotiations and mediation, including executive training at Harvard. She is frequently invited to speak for national audiences on the topics of negotiation strategy and contracts. Her articles on negotiation strategy have been published in leading national legal publications. Demonstrating she can put theory to practice, Ms. Vilendrer achieved the best outcome in a scored negotiation among 60 professional negotiators from around the world in 2015. Her award-winning video promoting peace was broadcasted at the United Nations on November 6, 2019.

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